My home was unique. Every piece had a story. This was my usual. This is where my love for vintage began. (Ideas I love everything in my home. My house is filled with accessories and artwork that have a story and bring me a Love hug just looking at the item.  I believe your should never settle for anything less. There are to many options out there to settle with an item that does not bring you joy.

Growing up in my childhood home was an experience of vibrant decor and captivating patterns. More was always better, and our house exuded an inviting atmosphere throughout. The living room walls proudly showcased framed artwork, including pieces from The Garden Artists, a group founded by my mother. Every inch of wall space was adorned. My bedroom boasted yellow and white buffalo check wallpaper, complemented by a sparkling crystal chandelier that my mother ingeniously matched to the color scheme. The custom yellow and white bed linens featured timeless patterns that I still adore today. In the bathroom, my mother added her artistic touch by hand-painting flowers on the walls. Later on, she would go on to sell her splatter-painted clothing across Texas and other cities. Our kitchen cabinets were painted green, and the walls donned yet another delightful, colorful, and timeless patterned wallpaper. Our furniture was all custom slipcovered, including a remarkable wicker sofa creatively upholstered in patchwork Lily Pulitzer fabrics—a cherished heirloom from my great-grandmother Starr. Every aspect of decorating, whether for holidays or everyday living, followed the ethos of "more" rather than "less." Each vignette captured attention, and every room beckoned visitors to sit and stay awhile. Our home was featured in prominent publications such as The Houston Chronicle, Houston Post, Houston Home & Garden, and hosted tours that were highly sought-after. Despite the fabulous vintage finds, my money-conscious mother carefully curated each addition, thrifted with thoughtfulness, resulting in a nearly perfect aesthetic.

With an eye for vintage finds, my mother's thrifty approach resulted in a nearly perfect aesthetic. Her influence ignited my passion for vintage and the art of creating harmonious spaces. She passed on her decorating, cooking, gardening, flower arranging, and vintage shopping skills, instilling in me a love for storytelling through carefully arranged objects and artwork.

Guided by her wisdom, I strive to bring that heartwarming feeling and cohesive storytelling to every client's space, ensuring they fall in love with the final result.

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