Maybe you’re not moving at all. Do you find yourself saying things like: “I’m tired of my house and my things,” “We never use that room”“I want a new look,” or “I want to feel like I have a new house.” Starr hear these statements from homeowners all the time.

Remodeling is taking what you already have in your home, and making some simple, inexpensive changes that can transform an old, tired space into something new and fresh.

So you loved the new look Starr creating in your home for sale. Your asking yourself why didn’t we have Starr come out long ago. We were so tired of our house and things. Starr took our “old things” and brought them back to life.  We feel like we have a new home.

Have you considered having Starr assist you moving your furnishing into your new home? She can pick paint colors, Starr has a great eye and it’s definitely worth having her look at your space before you start any projects.  She always brings lots of great, un thought of ideas to the table that are complete game changers. 

Are you downsizing and moving to a smaller space.  Starr has the eye for picking the best and most purposeful pieces from your furniture, art and accessories into your new home. Starr has gift/ talent of seeing what yo can not see. She can look at a photo or any empty space and can tel you if the furniture layout with work or fit without measuring in most cases. 

Examples of Remodeling

  • Adjusting furniture layout
  • Turning bookshelves display areas for art and artifacts
  • Simple selections of new accessories and pillows to accentuate a room
  • Repurposing a room (like exchanging a formal living room and dining area)
  • Consulting for light remodeling, such as paint and finish selections