You should love every room in your home. All rooms in your home should be inviting and feel like "Come sit in here!" If your room is not comforting, then the space is being wasted. Let Starr work with what you have or compliment your furnishings so that you love all of your house.

Starr can help you with

So you’ve watched how-to videos on YouTube. You’ve de-cluttered, depersonalized and cleaned your home thoroughly. But your house still isn’t selling. The basics of staging are a good start to getting your house ready to show. However, that doesn’t paint the entire picture for a prospective buyer. That’s where styling comes in to play.

Styling goes beyond the concepts of dusting and organizing a few rooms, or manicuring the yard before the home is listed for sale. Styling your home is an effective way to increase its perceived value. By determining the details that make a space desirable, you are showing that the property has been cared for, and therefore worth more.

The details matter. They can be the difference between 3 weeks on the market versus three months, or more. Properly arranging furniture or using different types of lighting to give a room a certain mood lend impact. Making sure pictures are hung at exactly the right height or arranging items on bookshelves to look like an artistic showcase can provide balance in a space. These often-overlooked details can add a harmonious and resounding “wow” to your home.

For the Trade

How do you compliment an empty house so it will sell? A well-designed and -built house, while functionally sound, may not stand out in a highly-competitive market.

We have a long history of working with architects, builders and general contractors to help them with this very challenge. Our understanding of home design, remodeling and construction allows us to see a home from their perspective.

We understand the challenges that contractors face during a home remodeling project. We help them focus on the homeowner’s personal style and the functionality they want to achieve with their new home.

We know how to design for the reality of construction limitations, while still exceeding the expectations of their client, by providing a stellar end result. Likewise, we know how to style new homes to a homebuilder’s specifications, and help them stay within budget. We know that working fast and making decisive decisions about materials and finishes can help drive the success of a new home’s construction. Our selections make an inventory of new homes stand out and sell in the competitive Houston real estate market.